My List

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Why try my list?

Quoting your customers and getting organised for future jobs is now easy with Ozdems “My List”. Create a Job List by selecting products for each future job and save the materials you need to complete the job then either have it emailed to us for a quotation/invoice or print it for your reference.

How it work

Step 1

Choose your item/s on our website

Step 2

Click Add to List on the product page and the tab will go from white to blue to ensure it is selected

Step 3

When done adding items to list, click on list located on the top menu or footer. Select a quantity for each product, click update quantity to save which will prompt List is saved message in green.

Step 4

You can either Print page which will open a new window or you can send to us by email for a quotation or invoice after filling out the Send my List page and submitting it.

Good to know

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  • Make sure adblocker is turned off on our website
  • While you’re shopping, to check if your items are in stock, we would suggest to contact us or send for quotation so we can let you know availability.
  • If History is cleared, your list will not be saved.
  • In order to save list, you must click update list.
  • pricing is not visible on our website. Pricing is only provided after list is sent.